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Monday, August 23, 2010


I think this is going to be a looong year...

I hate the people in my Art class. There are like, three guys and two girls who are absolute nincompoops and ruin the class for everyone. They only wanted to go to Art because they think Art is easy! I can tell that most people in the class will at least try to do something because they at least appreciate Art or have some sort of artistic ability (vaguely?), but those other people should just leave.

And I have lunch in the middle of my third period, and it's absolutely squished. Like, zero room. And they make us sit in the order we lined up in, so across from me are idiots and only next to me are friends. It's stupid, and I don't even think it's going to be my lunch. The first week is supposedly "different" from the rest of the year. And the teacher is really late in picking us up from lunch. Drama... may be embarassing, and I'm really self-concious. At least I have friends in all my classes, but my retarded last name seats me soo far away from them in class. *cry*

Wish me luck!

4 people actually love us.:

Sunbum said...

Um...I think I died of happiness when I saw that you used the word "nincompoops"!!! Oh my gosh!! I'm in LOVE with that word! :D

*sigh* I HATE people that obviously don't want to be in class and then they make everyone else hate the class because they're annoying. *grumble* They stink. >:(

Anonymous said...

I was originally going to use "ninnies", but it didn't seem fitting. Nincompoops is much better. :D

Mack-Attack said...

Haha "nincompoops" xD Great word.

Sharkie said...

Hehehehe I TOTALLY AGREE THAT LIKE HALF THE PEOPLE IN OUR CLASS ARE NINCOMPOOPS. Oh, and like one or two nincopoop-inas.