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Thursday, August 19, 2010


I never knew how much I depended on school to make interesting content for you guys to read.

I went to Open House this morning and found out that my first period teacher tries not to give weekend homework, my math class will be easy, my third period teacher tries not to give homework in general, and I have Drama and Art for the entire school year. Language Arts is Language Arts. Since when does the L.A. teacher actually teach anything? What do you expect? It's a Language Arts teacher. Mr. Ticket Clerk is in all of my classes. O_o And I have absolutely no classes with Sunshine! TT^TT
Seventh grade probably won't be hard, but I think I speak too soon... We'll see.

I have friends in every class! Woot! Now I don't have to use effort and make friends! XD I'm lazy and kinda antisocial. ;DD My lovely Skyuki dyed her hair! ... again. Now it's like, Asian-colored hair. She's turning into an Asian! Like-like-like... an egg! White on the outside, yellow on the inside. XD I'm so mean.

btw, I finished watching the Fullmetal Alchemist anime. FMA is like the best manga out there; go read it!! <33
Maybe I'm only antisocial because I lack means of communication other than a house phone and email. Most people text and use Facebook. Just in case you were wondering, I'm NOT going to get a Facebook because a) I don't know how to upload pictures from my camera to my computer [otherwise I wouldn't need my friends to help me scan my DA pics], b) I don't want to become even more of a loser by getting addicted, and finally, c) I don't have any friends to talk to anyway *cough* loser *cough*. I might get one in high school?? Just to keep in touch, y'know?

I'm still alive, don't worry. We went to China for the majority of our vacation, remember? And the Chinese Internet servers didn't let us go on blogger, so we couldn't post. I may not be here as often anymore. I have a DeviantART account, so I'll mostly be active there, maybe. The upcoming school year may change my Internet frequenting, though. My Neopets are dying... (Again, I'm a loser who has no life. :D)

Also! I didn't notice until just now that our Stalker count has gone up again! Yaaayy!! Thanks guys!
P.S. : When you italicize things in Gmail, it italicizes the opposite way of Blogger's way. I thought Blogger and Gmail were both made by Google. Why are they different?

5 people actually love us.:

Mack-Attack said...

Yay! I'm a stalker! I feel so special!!! xD

Sharkie said...

What? Im not your friend? And i agree Facebook is for losers, OTHER than people who just go on it sometimes, and don't live their life by it.

Anonymous said...

Mack-Attack: That's because you ARE special, Mack-Attack!
Sharkie: You're in a couple of my classes, right? So you're my friend too!

Sharkie said...

Yeah I am! But im not your friend if im not in any of your classes?

Anonymous said...

Sharkie: Dude. Come ON. You've been my friend since first grade, Toast's since Kindergarten. How are you NOT my friend, even if you aren't in my class?