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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Lizards Are Back

And I wish they'd go home. D:

Y'know how we mentioned that there were lizards living in the potted plant in my house in an earlier post? We got rid of the ones that had freaking lizard BABIES and eventually got rid of all of them, but as soon as Toastie and I leave with our mom for China, my dad somehow gets more. He practices golf in our backyard, and he says that lizards like getting in his golf bag and in the plant he puts his bags near. He's scared as heck of lizards because his elders told him lizards would crawl on him and go into his ear and eat his brains.
When I first heard them, before I saw the lizard, I was freaking out because I thought something electronic was malfunctioning. D: Scary! I have to catch them, and it ain't easy. You have to sneak towards them, not making a single sound, trap them under plastic containers and slip some paper underneath and bring it outside. The tiny baby lizards are easy to catch, but the big one are nightmares. One jumped on me once because it was trying to get away from the plastic container. Stupid.
They rustle in the leaves, driving me crazy. GO HOME ALREADY! T^T

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