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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Uh, spam.

Yeah, I read comments on Tragedies's Epic Phail blog(or so I think), and the person ate spam. Isn't it gross though?
We got a new blender. It cost more than an Ipod, which is strange, since it's just a blender. well, just a blender that can do almost anything, like dice things up, make ice cream, and make soup. But who needs to chop things up with a blender? I'm thinking lazy people...*cough me cough*
So, my teeth are getting really bad, and so I am getting braces. I really don't care, as long as my teeth get straight. I'm not those type of people who freak out about getting braces.
Today was a relatively good day. I missed part of school because I went to the dentist. But I didn't get to miss science, the teacher is so stupid. But we did practically nothing, so yeah.
But I'm really hungry and I need to go do my homework, so I'll just stop now.
Don't be surprised when you see my profile, I just changed stuff on it, no big deal. I think I come up with the most random names ever. If you want me to think of a strange name for you, just comment, and I'll think of something.
Dancing toast rocks, okay? I don't care what you say! XP

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FlossingSunshine said...

OMG!! Mari is/was obsessed with dancing toast!!

teh.sparkle.magpie...* said...

HEY!! There's nothing wrong with spam, okay?! It's teh awesome...better than dancing toast >.< !!!!! XD

Dancing Toast said...

Spam is definitely not better than dancing toast, okay?!!!
Dancing toast is WAY better than spam!
Really? Mari was obsessed with dancing toast?! Awesome!

Chipmunk said...

Dancin' toast is tasty....

Your Tragedies said...

Toast. Spam. This is too much for me. I CAN'T CHOOSE!

addt said...

yo!!!! Dancing toast, i luv ur pic even if it ain't dancing. Im spamming u:

addy said...

damn i spelled my own name wrong....