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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

19 phone calls. OI!

Okay i jsut felt like sharing. Please read toast's post titled "story" bc i keep filling up sporks with my uselesness ya'll dont care about on here.

Back on topic, I return to my room and check my phone (i check it obsessively) and i see like "17 missed calls, 9 new messages" or something. And they were all from 1 person!

It was quite funny. He needed to see if i was going to a showcase so I could take a pic for him, but I didnt go.

Anyways, I also got 7 txt messages from him. SO my messages on phone were like:
"Hey sunshine (but my real name) Its (insert name ehre) I need you to call me back SOON! Its urgents blahblah" by the 16th time he was all "THis is lyk the 1 billionth time ive called you. I've memorized your voice mail. Now siriusly, call me back. its urgent. you need to call me its urgent!" it was quite hilarious! Except for the fact it took me forever to listen to all the messages.
And yes, chipmunk, Ill probably try temporary hair dye this year.

For thsoe of u who know me, this is the guy ill hold hands with at the ceremony. ROAROROOR!!


notice, ive gotten alot darker lately.

2 people actually love us.:

Geraldine the Chipmunk said...

the year is almost over!

Dancing Toast said...

Yesh. I'm so happy, our teachers suck. Sunshine, you posted 3 times in a row. That's gotta be a record, not counting Spring Break, since Hiki-chan and I were on Earth.