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Friday, April 10, 2009


I am in desperate need of toast.
I swear! I started to download images of toast! And cats, but that's beside the point. We even have honey and blackberry jam to put on the nonexistent bread!
Wow, this bloggeh is rather lonely. And crowded, I'm surprised...We just post for the very little readers that we have.
By the way! Hikari and I are back from the Smokies! Y'know, the Smoky Mountains, right? I mean, it's on Earth...
Sorry Sunshine, we couldn't post on a horse, now could we? We went horseback riding for the first time...if anyone cares...I fell off my horse trying to get off it.
I love alt codes!
Lookit! it's my name!→§p▲gh3††í BunnŸ (some of it was supposed to be some other cool symbols, but I guess it doesn't work here...)
Wow this was a lame post.

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Your Tragedies said...

Toast cures depression, just remember that. I hve an icon of toast somewhere. There are two pieces of it and one was dead and had "x"s for eyes.

I woulda fallen off the horse too, and Smoky Mountains seems awfully familiar. I know for a fact I've never been there. xD

Ahh yes the alt codes...

teh.sparkle.magpie...* said...

I know an awesome thing to turn toast into artwork. You paint bread with, cotch, er the colouring you put in icing then toast it. Then eat it! You have edible artwork!