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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I posted twice in one day!
Make sure u read my last post because i rly want opinions on the DIRT movie.

Well, most of my friends are obsessed with Manga/anime or whatever, and im the dork who has no clue what's going on!! And the only three things im majorly obsessed with are Harry Potter, VlogBrothers, and Naked Brothers Band.

So I really need to find an obsession.
I realize I am the lamest poster here on SPORKS because I never really do anything funny, however just post about my lazy legs and Post about things im going to post about but never really post about, but i need something to freak out over!!! Plus, I'd like to see how many sporkfollowers can actually suggest things I might like considering you all like hikari and spaghetti better.
Oh don't try to hide it, I know. Sunshine always knows.
SO yupp, random obsessions i can freak out over. Ill prob. only love them for about a week if i like them at all, but how well do you know me and what can I do so i don't freak out over nothing!

I already love fanfiction and stuff so don't suggest that. But i need another fangirly obsession so I can become QUEEN of the fangirls if I'm not already.

Please dont suggest the dark is rising or choking myself in pockets.

2 people actually love us.:

teh.sparkle.magpie...* said...

You could seriously choose one pairing and obsess over that - ya know, creat AMVs and stuff, make a site dedicated to that pairing only...

You could...draw? Be obsessed over an actor? A franchise? Pokemon or something? Music? It's all good.

AJ said...

four things I myself am obsessing over and you should too:
1) British accents
2) Sims games <3
3) Bowling for Soup
4) two words: TOM FELTON