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Monday, April 27, 2009


Uh, spam.
Not that I like it though.
So yah, only two people said that they wanted to read my story as a bunch of posts! I won't post the story yet because only two people said that they wanted to read it. Many many thanks to Sunshine and Muse. Keep them coming, people!
So turns out, I can't just copy and paste or else it will end up as and html and will have some error with the code or something. So I need a lot of time to type it. And I will post one thing at a time. (e.g. the character info and notes, then chapter by chapter.)
Yah, so Sunshine is lonely that no one really reads Polished With Dust, so read it!
Recycle over there on Earth. Your Earth was one of the most blessed planets in space, but now it seems as though it is the most cursed! You silly humans just kept polluting Earth, and so now Planet XXYYZ-I is visiting and helping you humans over there as to restore Earth's former glory. So yah. We XXYYZ-I dwellers are very lazy sometimes, so please help yourselves. You might die of so much pollution on your planet. So the next time you throw away something, think about it. Is it recycleable or not? Can I decompose this to make compost? You're just slowly committing suicide if you keep throwing stuff away.
Well, Dancing Toast is gonna go now, the shuttle leaves in half an hour to Earth, and Toast needs to go lecture more people on Earth! Toast lives so far away from those shuttles ports.
Well buh-bye!♥

5 people actually love us.:

AJ said...

i wanna read ur story:)
cut and paste works. b4 i deleted Creative Venting, i just copied my story from a word document and pasted it into a blog post box thingy. u mite have to re-enter paragraph lines, but it works :)

Geraldine The Chipmunk said...

Chipmunk wants read dah story you wrote.

It's so sad only two people wanted to see it. I mean, i saw ur last post, but people on Earth are sometimes as lazy as people on ur planet, so i didn't comment. Well, now i am. So ha.

Dancing Toast said...

Okay, so now, 4 people, but i still want moar peeps.
Sorry, I can't copy-paste because when I try to post it, it'll say something's wrong with the html code or something, and I dunno how to fix html.

teh.sparkle.magpie...* said...

...I see story, yes?

That's it, really.

xX_Music_the_Bunni_Xx said...

I wanna read your story!!!