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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Replies and STUFF

First, replies to comments and posts.
Chipmunk, nickel does know that girlyhairflip lyks blond blond lyks girlyhairflip, etc. I've found out directly from him.
Toast, I kinda want a cream slayer just cuz tis name is cool.
As ive said on Polished, I'll get permission to post limelight, a parody of Twilight soon.
i got SOAKED today in rain. And my hair is thick and curly, so i had to re-iron part of it.

My hand kinda hurts from playing piano for a while. I know the Harry Potter theme song now!!
Umm, yeah, we have only around a business week left of school. FUN! We get out first we of June, so sorry if you guys don't.
Umm, sporks will continue regularly during summer. THATS A LIE. we'll all be too lazy to post. So yeah, ill try to post at least 1 a week. Because I have to post reviews and parodies and stuff on polished.
Happy Pre-Summer!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So, here's some info on the different species that I made/created. All 3 of these species are completely to your satisfaction. And hunger.

Spaghetti bunnies: Are made of intricately knotted spaghetti (to give you that extra chew) in the shape of rabbits, and have whatever seasonings/sauces you want on them and have meatballs for eyes, only if you want them to, of course. Also, they are completely and utterly of my creation.

Dancing toast: Sadly, I thought I was being creative, but when I looked it up on Google, many people had already thought of the idea. But, my dancing toast comes in any shape or size you want it to be, and whatever texture (crunchy/softness) you want also. And, you can put whatever you want on it, whether it be a spread or some random other stuff. As seen in my image of my profile, I have a piece of dancing toast in the shape of a cat. Look it up on Google Images to see the proper dancing-ness.

And for my newest addition: Cream slayers! Cream slayers are of my creation, too. They come into your house (or already live in your house already) at night or whenever you aren't looking and steal the whipped cream you own in the fridge. Or any thick cream or milk or whatever is an ingredient to make cream. What do they do with it, you ask? They take it to their lair and kill the unsuspecting cream, or eat it. Whoops! Some people might not be happy with this, so just put out an extra saucer of whipped cream when you get some.

This is it, people! hope you aren't angry at my little cream slayers, they don't know that you can't kill cream. Of course, I'll pay you back, anyway. By the way, I am currently eating chocolate pocky and I am very happy, as snacks are rare in my house on Earth.

Monday, May 18, 2009


So today, I shall tell you 2 stories.
The first one happened a while ago. My oldest sister and her friend were driving my oldest sister back home on Earth. The neighborhood only has a number box instead of a guard, so you go up to the number box and type in a number to call someone and get in. My oldest sister and her friend noticed that the guy in front of them didn't have to call anyone, so they stalked him to his house, and knocked on his door. He asked, "Uh, hi, can I help you?" And they (politely) asked him what the secret code was.
The second story was that a dog followed us home.
If I tell you the whole story, it'll probably bore you to tears, but I'll tell the people who are actually interested.
Today, Hikari and I were walking back to our Earth house, when we saw a dog in front of someone's house. We walked away from it, hoping that it wouldn't follow us home. But it started to walk after us and we didn't know what to do. So we asked the neighbor what to do because I remembered that she found the same dog once. She told us to just go back inside the house and just wait for it to go back home. But it kept following us so we had to wait for a long time until we could go inside again.
Like 'em??? I'm sorry these weren't childish, but how do you tell a story childish-ly?
I wonder what'll happen if I post more than once a day?

Saturday, May 16, 2009



I made this for ya
it is supposed to be animated!! ehh!
lookat that^

Friday, May 15, 2009


^what happened to it? that used to be the Sporks thing!^

Well Im here to post about XXYYZ-I and some other stuff, but first thigns first,
We have 2 new followers! Wecome to sporks, guys.

I'd like to shout out to a few tho, Muse_Of_Randomness, who is one of the first followers and comments all the time. Muse is also and active commentor on Polished With Dust (my blog, u should read it i posted a parody of misery business I wrote with a friend. it was his idea.) THX for reading this stuff muse, even tho I forget to read other's blogs.
AJ, for being another active reader and XXYYZ-Iadian (lets call them zay-dee-uns). Also, for enjoying my random stories about my life.
Sunbum, for following this blog in exchange for me following hers.

ONTO XXYYZ-I. New edition waber-guns will be sold soon. (view post from foreverago)
More about XXYYZ-I coming soon and I hope you guys have an awesome weekened.
READ HIKARI'S Below post.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

All of you who love me, I love back ♥

Hikari is back!

Sunshine and Toast have told me that Sporks gets more views when I post, but siriusly, I don't know why. My posts don't have the childish innocence (a.k.a fun) that Toast's posts have, and neither are they as funny or random as Sunshine's, so like can someone explain to me how that works?

I have no idea what to post, except mebbe this short story about a couple days ago. -cough- yesterday -cough- So I shall tell you the short story!

Okay, so I was doing this group project with a couple of other people, so when one of the group members was getting something approved by the teacher, we used some of the hand sanitizer the teacher has on her desk.
One guy, let's call him Keith even though that isn't his real name, got sanitizer in the other guy's eye. The other guy said, "Dude! You got some in my eye!" and "Keith" (God, I hate that name) said he didn't care. So I was all, "You know, 'Keith', he could go blind, right?" And so he retorted, "I hope you wake up blind tomorrow." And we both thought he said blond instead of blind, so I was like, "There's nothing wrong with being blond!" The two blonds I know are actually quite smart, but one's a prep, and the other was currently getting something approved for our group.
The other guy was like, "Dude, I'm already dumb enough, why do you have to curse me to be blond?" And "Keith" was confused, and then we realized he said blind and started cracking up.

Of course, it all happened really quickly, but I cut out all of the interrupting and confusion to these couple sentences.
Sunshine owes Toast some cherries!

Friday, May 8, 2009

100 posts! And You Belong WIth Me

Congrats toast, for making the 100th post.

Siriusly, you guys don't like us.

Well, I need your help. I'm watching this taylor swift video for you belong with me, and is it taylor swift dressed as "his girlfriend" or is it just some girl who looks an awful lot like her?



this vid is hilarious! because once i was at the mall in the prom dress section with my sis and her friend. And these two gay guys (gays r wicked awesome) looka t the white prom dresses and they're all "You do not wear white as your prom dress, mm-mm, that ain't cute, that's not funny!"
and blond swift wears a white prom dress. (im only saying blond swift bc idk who the other girl is. help)


>▲<" WAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one commented on my other post!!! And Sunshine got a comment on her tiny post. Not blaming her though, but Sunshine also needs to post longer posts, or else it'll take up too much space. It seems to me that Hikari gets the most comments on her posts and that Sunshine and I don't get much. I mean siriusly! Hikari hasn't posted in like, forever! And don't assume that I'm a prep by saying all this preppy stuff. At least I don't spell "like" as "liek" or "you're/your" as "ur"! That sounds so stupid! "Ur" is pronounced as (er) not (yer)! So anyway, I started to read a series by Emily Rodda, called the Deltora series, and even though the story is really smart, it's not a few very happy series (there are 3 series of each), and the main character only figures out stuff until the last minute. But I'd like to reccomend a series called Avalon by Rachel something. I like the new covers better than the old ones because the new ones have good art and the older ones have terrible art. I'd also like to reccomend the Percy and the Olypians series. The last book in the series just came out 2 days ago. And the book The Host by Stephanie Meyer even though I hate the Twilight saga. And the Eragon series, but now it's getting kinda weird. A lot of people say that the Ink-whatever series is good, so I'll try to start on it even though I never see the first book (Inkheart) anywhere except school, but I need to finish the other books that I rented from the library.
I can't wait until summer. I plan to do so much stuff and I won't have Chinese school or normal school to do except some packets from my mom or from this math and reading program. Not including July, though, 'cuz then I can quit for a month. I can go to Sunshine's house on the sun and help her play her parody of that stupid series Twilight and make Limelight.
Well I'll stop now, because I'll take up too much space on the front page to make a post that no one will comment on because either 1. people are waiting for Hikari to post or 2. think I'm being too self-cebtered/bratty with this post. If you post, that means that you lurve me and Sunshine!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So, ummm, yeah.

So like, I haven't posted in forever, and so now I'm posting!
Sorry people, I can't post the story yet because I have no time/I'm too lazy to, so I shall post it in the summer if you all don't die of something terrible.
I like cookies. And a lot of other stuff that would take too much time/space on the Sporks page. And besides! No one will really care unless they are some crazy cyber kidnapper who wants to lure me away from home.
Also, Hikari may want to change her name, so any suggestions, please comment. Oh! I have a suggestion for her right now! But I've actually had it for a long time, so what ever! Cream Slayer. Do you think it's weird? I want it for myself, but I just recently changed my name to Dancing Toast anyway and if I change it again, then it'll be too little time in between/makes me sound violent. She wants it at a maximum of 2 words.
The story behind Cream Slayer was because Hikari asked me to be her translator with her mouth full, so I thought she said Cream Slayer.
Well, now Hikari is screaming over the phone in order to wake up Sunshine. I mean, she has to stay up to give light to a lot of Earthlings and us XXYYZ-I dwellers, although she has been burning a lot of people as they go to the beach. She even burned her sister because she was slacking off on the job. Bad Sunshine!
So buh-bye!