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Friday, January 22, 2010

Apparently, a human can fit through a large whale's arteries

^that's ur USELESS FACT^
omgomgomg i has no time to post on sporks, me must post on SWII cuz that takes a while.
sososo, I asked my teacher if the short story i wanted tow rite for the project had to have a resolution and she was like "pshh, all stories have to have resolutions" it dindt even say resolution on the paper.
I'm all, hold up, ya'll. She's not an author, not ALL STORIES must have 1. So I challenge ya'll to make a hit story without a resolution, and prove her wrong.
WHy do all stories have to have a resolution? Most of you think Twilight would've been better if James killed Bella and then Edward killed himself. Then Jacob would be available<33.
So this is a post that's rly 1 question.
Resolution? Or No Resolutiion?

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Sharkie said...
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Sharkie said...

I say no resolution, and I think that Eward and Bella should have died:)

BouncingWolf said...

no resolution

Anonymous said...

No resolution. Cliff-hangers, man! And yes, everyone should've died in that series.

Muse of Randomness said...

I say, that unless there's a sequel, a definite conclusion is needed, whether or not it resolves the problem.