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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


^If you say it aloud, it sounds like "hi-llo!", which is what Muse sez.^
So yaahh, I saw the Titanic too, so I started to talk with Sunshine about it also. It's a really good movie, but I saw it on a million-year-old tape/video/thingummy-whatsit probably from when it first came out in theatres, like, 17 years ago. If anyone can find out when it came out, thank you, or as my dad wrote in a letter, "thang you!" Another request from Toastie!
Thang you former Purple-Hoodie-Chick-who-is-now-Bashful-Toast! You must've been slightly angry at me loving the Toast picture of AJ, but not showing any love to your newly acclaimed name, "Bashful Toast", and not saying yay! But here it is:"YAY!!!!♥" Lurve you all!
Random fact: HIkari and I were in vacation on Earth with no means necessary of stealing/hacking/buying/getting/sneaking into a house at night/bringing a laptop/computer to post, so Hikari had to do all of her make-up work until 11:30 pm., so she couldn't post. An apology from her: "Dude-man-dudes, so sorry!! I'll make the next time I post extra Hikari-ful! Kay-kay-kay?"
So here we were, posting! Yays!
Has a nise dae! (lolcat speake!ILY!♥)

2 people actually love us.:

BashfulToast said...

Haha, actually I started to think PHC what kinda lame. And bashfultoast sounded so cute! But thank you for mentioning me! You made my dayy! =]

FlossingSunshine said...

my verification word is sprog. ILY VERIFICATION WORD!
anywhom, extra hikariness? YAYA!
Hehe. and toast, u should change ur name to "Dancing WIth Toast" because thats just 12 times awesomer