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Friday, October 9, 2009

Near, Far, Whereever sporks are~

^I believe, im obsessed with Titanic~^
RANDOM FACT!: The lady who played Moaning Myrtle is 43 now. Which means she is the oldest actress to play a Hogwarts student.
I've probably spent like 12 hours of my life watching the movie Titanic, and I went to the exhibit and I've read about it. I love the movie though. JACK LIVES ON IN MY HEART AND MY HEART WILL GO ON AND ON! But that's not the point.
If you go to google and type in sporks "Sporks are useless" is one of the suggested things. If you type in sporks_ (as in a space) The first one is sporks for sale then "Sporks are godlike" and then "Sporks are useless"
BRILLIANCE. but i want more.
I WANT THE WORLD NOTHING LESS ALL THE GLAM AND THE PRESS, ONLY GIVING ME THE BEST REVIEWS~ So tell your friends about sporks so that the search of "Sporks are godlike" can go down on the list, man,
Polishedwithdust doesn't make the list...I fail.
But thankies sporkers. SO GO CHECK OUT MY BUDDY FRIEND'S BLOG "whenindoughtdanceout.blogspot" yeah, she spelled doubt wrong. chillax.

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BashfulToast said...

43!!??!!?? Whoa, I never would have guessed!! That's insane. And congrats!!

Anonymous said...

>.> woah! that is so cool!

(¯'·._.·[ !@N@! ]·._.·'¯) said...

Psssh. M.M. is 43? Wow....

(¯'·._.·[ !@N@! ]·._.·'¯) said...

oh.. congrats.... ROFL. My vertification word is cones.

Geraldine The Chipmunk said...

Dat song from Titanic makes me cry chocolate tears...


my verification word is spling! freakin' awesome!