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Monday, October 19, 2009

You think you're so special, don't you?

EDIT: HIKARI FORGOT A RANDOM FACT, SO SUNSHINE IS EDITTING THIS IN FOR HER. According to Vince Shlomi, the Germans always make good stuff. SHAMWOW
Story below.
Okay, so I was wearing my awesome sleeves I was planning to use for Halloween, but then some of the buttons fell off without me noticing. One, was sticking to my friend V's arm. I said, "V, you're a button magnet!" She just shrugs. Meanwhile, another person and my other friend, A, were throwing water bottles at the wall. No matter what, the water bottles would always go in the direction of the not-friend. "B, you're a water bottle magnet!" A notices that she is the only one that isn't a type of magnet. "Well what'm I?" asks A. "You?" Hmm... I think. "You're a gigantic mass of billions upon trillions of cells! Don't you feel special? Don't you feel special?" And all of them are just cracking up, and when A tells her sister, she can't get enough. Aahh...

Okay, so when we were on vacation, we saw a store called "hhgregg." Can anyone try to pronounce that in comments? And there was one called Osh Kosh B'Gosh. Anyone with a thing for stores, can you tell me what these weird-named stores sell? Oh! And when we were driving, we saw a sign that said ASIAN (restaurant). Like, Asian, was huge, and "restaurant" was squeezed to the bottom.

See? I promised extra Hikari-ness! Ooh, ooh! When we were watching the Titanic, when Fabrizio was killed, both Toast and I were like, "NOO!! FABRIZIOOO!!" without telling each other we would. T'was funneh...

Bye bye, Hiki-chan has to go do annoying vocab cards!
(P.S! This is Toastie. Toastie edited this post. Toastie is not gunna post, because Hiki-chan's post still didn't get any comments, SO COMMENT SO THAT SUNHINE AND I CAN POST!!!!)

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