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Friday, October 23, 2009

"Where is the love?"
Useless FACT:Leonardo DiCaprio appeared on the educational children's program "Romper Room" when he was three years old.
WHERE IS THE LOVE: With all this crud happening in the world, the internet makes a huge difference. SO, everyone reading this post, EVERYONE, is to go to and i want you to answer at least 10 questions(100 grains). or as many as you have time for. Then, Comment and tell me how many grains of rice you donated and I'll calculate it at the end of the week. if you go on freerice again later on, post your results in Hikari or Toast's post. Sporks Can make a difference.
Onto less serious stuff, I want a name change. i think. Everyone now has pwnful names like bashfultoast and packagesentbyninjas, so my top choices so far are 1. Never let go 2.Ill never let go 3.Get the floorboards 4. Bravecandygirl 5. Sunshine (i can pull a mileycyrus and just change it to my nickname) I'll make a poll for this. Go vote!
I'm asking ya'll for alot of stuff, so here FUNNY info. Colors have flavor. No lie. Everyday at lunch I end up eating so much orange food that it tastes orange. i can taste the orange of my food. And orange is a really nasty colorflavor. Red is rather nice. And green is alright, but orange is just nasty. Once u eat cheese, carrots, cheetos, bread, chocolate in one meal, the orange colorflavor starts to show up in everything. So What's ur most hated colorflavor?

4 people actually love us.:

Anonymous said...

I donated 300 grains of rice!

BashfulToast said...

Thank you for complementing my name! I donated 380 grains of rice!

Dancing Toast said...

People STILL haven't commented on HIkari's post underneath...

xX_Music_the_Bunni_Xx said...

My school did a competition for free rice. We donated millions of grains of rice