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Friday, October 16, 2009

Oooh Baby don't you know I suffer~

^twilight songs? anyone?^
because this is the first Friday I've actually ever done something. I went to get icecream with my friendies. I HAD A BLAST.
So we decided to use our phones to film us reenacting scenes from twilight and harry potter.
So i got to play a ladygaga voldemort and a gay edward cullen.
i got to do this spaztastic dance move throughout everything, but when playing voldemort, I didn't look behind me, so I nerdily danced right into a bush, That's right. I fell into a bush. It had thorns too. Thank god for my obsession with black pants.
Anyways this has been a slow week for sporks, And I don't really have anything to talk about because it was a relatively good day. Nickel, if you are reading this, we threw you into a fountain. Because me and Yuki wanted to make wishes at the lame-o fountain, so I didn't want to waste a quarter. So, i found a penny and a nickel. And We threw them into the fountain.
I'm sorry this post fails. But we'll do better next week. I promise.
Promise me wont give up. No matter how cold you feel. You're not gonna die here, this way, not this night.
first with twilight, then with the following: Titanic fanfiction.
I don't know what provoked me. but I'll prob be addicted to it.

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BashfulToast said...

Haha, I love harry potter. Good job dancing into a bush! I love your random post. There fun.=]

*´¨) said...

Speaking of pennies.... I found a penny on the floor of the pool once. My friend and I decided to play that game where you throw the penny and you look for it in the chlorinated water. Fun right? Anyway, my friend's brother goes up to the penny and TAKES IT! So we chase him around the pool, but because he's only 10 or something, my friend doesn't want to be too mean to him and asks him nicely to give it back. Well, he refuses. So I start beating him up.... for a penny. I know what your thinking, this is the first time I've met my friend's little brother, why am I beating him up? She's the one who should be doing it! Anyway, we... I, got the penny back. We named him P.A.L. It's short for:Penny Abraham Lincoln. He's taped to my wall of fame in my room with some pics of friends. Yay. All for a penny.

BTW: Her brother and I are awesome bbuds now, but instead of calling him by his first name, I gave him the nickname: Penny.

Package Sent By Ninjas said...

I changed my name... again.... Yay